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AC2017 Agenda: "Rebellion" and Item 120

On September 28, 2017, the agenda for the October 5-11, 2017, Annual Council was released. Many items are conventional: changes in policy wording, proposed bylaws changes, approval of calendar items. But there is more.
Since the 2015 San Antonio General Conference session, certain Unions in North American and Trans-European Divisions have acted in direct contradiction to the voted action of the world church. Conferences and Unions have acted insubordinately, ordaining women to the gospel ministry, engaging in non-authorized credentialing processes, granting ordained minister authorities to the commissioned minister, and, in one case, even “electing” a woman conference president.
None of the described practices and actions are valid, as none have been approved by the world church. More than this, some institutions of the world church, like the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary in Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA, have unilaterally issued statements attacking certain teachings of Scripture. Meanwhile, neither NAD president Dan Jackson nor TED president Raafat A Kamal, responsible for leading those Divisions, have taken any substantive action to prevent these rebellious acts. No doubt, this has led to thousands of Adventists calling for their dismissal (
After considerable debate, the 2016 Annual Council approved a process for reconciliation set to occur between then and this year’s meeting. It is our understanding that neither Division nor its insubordinate entities have repented of their unilateral, non-compliant, world church defying practices.
This likely explains the presence of item 120 on the AC2017 Agenda: “Procedures for Reconciliation and Adherence.” Since neither NAD nor TED Divisions have come into harmony with the world church, both NAD and TED are operating independently of God’s guidance to the Church through its Heaven-appointed leadership, and their practice continues in non-compliance.
The 2017 agenda materials include another item seemingly related to this. Executive Secretary G.T. Ng will make a report titled “Adventist 911.” The presentation will outline seven historical developments, each described either as “Crisis,” “Defection,” or “Rebellion.”
Other items include “Current Ecumenical Trends,” item 136, as well as proposed adjustments to theological education. We urge you to join us in praying for God-led courage, wisdom, and action by the gathered members of the General Conference Executive Committee as it meets for AC2017.

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I am encouraged with a view of the GC Annual Council’s agenda item #120 and the presentation (that can be viewed in the agenda) that reviews the past rebellions of the SDA Church. Each time they were met and the church with its mission marched on. Let’s pray it will be the same this time!

Our union in Sweden refuses to ordain anyone let alone men, and pastors were lamenting that the couldn’t unordain themselves to be on an equality with their female ‘colleagues’. God help us to resolve this.

I’ve reviewed GC Working Policy and the voted actions of 1990, 1995 and 2015. I do not see anywhere where there is anything that prohibits women from being ordained, or that limits ordination to men. And, I don’t see anything that changed the authority of the unions in making ordination decisions that do not go against stated policy.
For that reason, I am quite surprised that you continue to talk about “insubordinate” actions, rebellion, or non-compliance and punishment.
Let me be clear, this is a difference in the application and understanding of policy, no matter how insistent you are otherwise, or how much you want policy to prohibit women’s ordination. If that’s what you want, why has that specific prohibition been put before the GC Executive Committee for an amendment to Working Policy, or to the GC session for a voted action.
Both the 2015 and 1995 votes were about whether divisions would be delegated whatever authority the GC has on ordination matters. The GC has authority under current working policy over the qualifications of ordainees, but not how the unions apply the stated qualifications. The 1990 vote was a “not at this time vote,” and clearly not a prohibition of women for ordination.
I don’t claim to be infallible. If I’ve overlooked something, give it to me in plain English, because the plain English of the GC votes sure reads different than your statements.

Still can’t figure out why I can’t see replies to some articles, like this one. Unless I post something first. Even then, I won’t be able to see any NEW replies. Cleared the cache, reloaded the browser, rebooted the computer. Nothing work, then one day it started to work again. Maybe one day it will start to work again? Strange that…

When leaders fail the test given in the Bible for being a basic Christian, they have no claim to their ordination or office. 1 John 2:4 and 4:20 gives clear tests for being a Christian. These leaders fail both of these tests in a big way. Instead of trying to keep people in the church, they spend their time in driving people out who refuse to submit to them as to a demi-god. Their biggest concern is the budget, not submission to God’s revealed will. Read GC. 653-656. God have mercy on these unfaithful servants. Maranatha Ray

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