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CM Crisis, pt. 7: University Congregation Incites Conference Against World Church

In a recent Walla Walla University Church (WWUC) business meeting, University leaders invited the student body to join them. In what? In requesting that the Upper Columbia Conference Executive Committee reinstate a commissioned minister’s policy voted March 29 then rescinded July 19. Why the rescind? According to the official conference announcement of the change, many constituency members “felt that it placed our conference beyond the parameters of the Church Manual and the North American Division policy for commissioned ministers” (See
But conference members are very concerned that WWU church leaders would solicit advocacy from the student body for a policy which stands in opposition to God’s leadership as reflected in the Church Manual and the General Conference Working Policy. The result of this incitement of our youth entrusted to the WWU remains to be seen.
The Conference is still communicating with several churches in its constituency. Those churches, in response to the March 29, 2016 executive committee vote to implement the non-Adventist practice, had voted, between then and July, asking that it hold a special constituency session. The action by the churches was plain. The churches did not ask the conference to rescind. They sought via a special constituency session to overrule the committee. Some voted statements supported the replacement of conference officers.
Most members of the constituency, whatever their views on commissioning and women’s ordination, are determined to be in support of the world church. Unilateral action by conference leaders opposing world church practice is unacceptable to them. The action by the conference in disregard toward the world church has been disunifying, provocative, and destructive to its mission. On July 19, rather than face a special constituency session, the Conference executive committee rescinded its March 29 vote. At present, the matter is in the hands of the lay members of the conference. There could be a renewed call for a special session.
The General Conference sets the criteria for ordination; it determines which authorities are included in a given credential. Seventh-day Adventist congregations are part of a world church. A local conference can no more determine for itself the authorities which are included in a denominationally-approved credential than can a local congregation.
But on November 9, aware that conference administration was engaged in its first potentially constructive dialogue with its own world church supporting congregations, WWUC voted to ask the conference executive committee to “rescind its rescind” at its upcoming December 6 meeting—while still engaged in discussion with sister churches.
Referring to the UCC churches which sought for the conference to return to operating in harmony with the world church, the president said that those churches had been “demanding” a constituency meeting and that they had “pushed aside” the executive committee. The WWUC board even accused sister churches that called for the special constituency meeting of using “ways and means discordant with Christian values. . .”
But the membership of the conference has every right to expect elected conference officers to operate in harmony with the world church. When a conference executive committee violates trust, the checks and balances of a conference’s Constitution and Bylaws empower membership to overrule decisions of a conference executive committee, or even to appoint new officers.
Conference officers are now pincered between congregations which seek harmony with the world church, and those working vigorously to advance the cause of women’s ordination no matter the cost. How much wiser if leaders will speak more widely with their constituency; how much better if they will communicate directly with the General Conference. These steps should be taken before obeying the wishes of those in Walla Walla who openly call for the implementation of policies which by violating world church practice divide the Conference.

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5 replies on “CM Crisis, pt. 7: University Congregation Incites Conference Against World Church”

Now! I’d like to ask to all those concerned? How much more clarity is needed, to convince you, of who is directly behind this Spirit of Light, Trying to Come into the “World Church” Disguise as an Angel of Light? However, those that don’t have a relationship “JESUS CHRIST” can’t tell that, this “Light” is of a Wolf! A Grevious Wolf! Satan!
The Lord warns us about this, and have left instructions within “HIS” Word telling us; Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1John 4:1
This Spirit of “Defiance” Is of the Spirit of Satan! …and there is no further proof needed!
These are they that think that they can serve “GOD” anyway they want, too, and servive the Second Coming of “JESUS CHRIST”!
It’s time to call on the power given unto this church written in Luke 10:19, without fail!
….and to all my Brethren, I stand with you 100% upholding The Authority of the General Conference, and the RE- Elected President, for a Second Term Ted N. C. Wilson…. upholding the 60th General Conference Session, along with all of the Delagates that voted their conscience, after coming out of prayer, With Their Minds Made Up, To Maintain Their Commission Bequethed Unto This “WORLD CHURCH” By “JESUS CHRIST!

You are so right. If they chose to rescind their rescind then what option does that leave to the churches? If they chose to not go by the GC then it seems to me it is time to elect new officers.

Brother C.J. – It is unclear to me what/who your comments are directed at. Please lift the fog from this brother’s mind.

Brian, I thought I was pretty clear, on this.
However, my message is for all those that are Apostatizing, against the Worlld Church! Deliberately going against the Working Policy,
If you really need a name, let’s start with Daniel Jackson, President of the North American Division, (NAD) and all those that side with him on “Women Ordination”! Satan Loves Division!

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