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CM Crisis 3: Significance of Commissioned Minister Policy Action

At the end of March, 2016, the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) executive committee voted a “Commissioned Minister Policy” which exceeded its authority and placed it out of harmony with the world church. That action sets an example of insubordination toward the world church.
The action of the committee has led to heart searching and concern. Some UCC churches are petitioning their conference to hold a special constituency session to turn back the “Commissioned Minister Policy.” This article explores some of the reasons why the action of the committee is faulty and why the laypeople are on the move. We encourage readers to consider the dilemma that the action by the executive committee has created.
Church members across the North American Division want to support their world church, but action being taken by some conferences is impacting confidence in local leadership. Is there a clear basis for members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to hold their local leaders accountable? Do local conferences have authority to create “Commissioned Minister Policies” that contradict the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Do local conferences have authority to unilaterally add to the authorities given to the commissioned minister?

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the individuals who wrote and suggested these amendments should be accountable
by a independent review board
and they need to state there intentions and reasons openly and transparently
women liberation is very similar to the current explosion of online youtube vegan community
very similar almost mirrored in argument
what problems did Paul have in Ephesus “acts of apostles”
why where the seven plagues in Egypt
why was there a Kellogg issue in SDA church

There is a mind set that thinks their made in hell agenda can become their “made in heaven” success if only they can get rid of all who oppose them by scandalizing leadership and finding some fault. Getting rid of Moses, Aaron and Miriam is like getting rid of the Law, the High Priest and the Holy Spirit but it will not make a return to Egypt a good idea. Those who want the church to embrace Satan’s global agenda may well succeed in evicting from office all those who opposed them at the last GC session but that will not evict God from His office. Satan has already tried that and it has not materialized. The most they will achieve is drag a few misguided and careless humans into the ranks of the rebellious and lost. What we have to do is each man preserve their soul from intoxication and contamination. The idea that truth can bow to error by the sheer force of numbers is the ultimate illusion and femme fatale. I have always wondered how it can be possible to lose one’s soul with so much truth available: liberal education and the wine of Babylon’s progressive global juggernaut. These create an impervious layer of spiritual death, arrogance and stubbornness. The spirit of Ephesians 2 verse 2 is intractable, recalcitrant, stubborn, self assured, proud and blind. These people are sold out to an invisible power and are impervious to the Spirit of God. It is a terrible time to trifle with conviction and with one’s soul. One sees a uniform arguing and digging in and walking away, a blindness to direction, a deafness to reason: Jer 8:5 ….a perpetual backsliding? they hold fast deceit, they refuse to return. Zec 7:11 ….they refuse…. to hearken, and pull…. away the shoulder, and stop…. their ears, that they should not hear. There is practically nothing anyone can do. There is no question that the church needs to understand that our current axis has nothing to do with substance. It has everything to do with a spirit takeover of the church and one is tempted to think the only course possible to us would be to pray more for each of us to buy Gold tried in the fire, white raiment that we may be clothed and eye salve that we may see. This is the best depiction of the latter rain that God could give us, a return to basic Bible, a purpose to live clean ourselves and ability to see things from God’s perspective. These are shaking times. One wonders whether if one took a wrong turn here, they could ever retrace their steps just for lack of time. May God deliver us from the spirit of Ephesians 2 verse 2 and give us His Spirit of Truth. There is a diabolical, infernal progressive sentimentalism that seeks to undermine the word of God by a populist appeal to equality and fairness and justice etc. in an effort to replace Bible truth with abomination throughout the world. May that spirit never be ours. May it never find a home in Adventism. May God ever reign and may all knees ever bow.

To the church members of the UCC, good for you. Resist this sneaky falsification of the collective voice. Nothing but a firm rebuttal will do. And whilst at it, change the executive.

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