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Women's Ordination Symposium, Bakersfield Hillcrest SDA, CA

Bakersfield, California is the location for a special symposium sponsored by the Hillcrest church and Secrets Unsealed. The event is titled, “Women’s Ordination Symposium: Crisis Ahead” and will occur Friday and Sabbath, June 12 and 13. Presenters include Pastors Stephen Bohr, Louis Torres, Larry Kirkpatrick, Daniel Mesa, as well as Allen Davis, Julie Mesa, Jennifer Arruda, and Laurel Damsteegt. There will be a lively panel discussion Sabbath evening. //UPDATE//: Symposium times and links updated below:
The event will be livestreamed across the internet.
Event dates: June 12th and 13th, 2015.
Meeting times:
6:00 pm Louis Torres: “Reflections on the Ordination Controversy”
7:45 pm Stephen Bohr: “Male and Female He created Them”
SABBATH June 13:
8:15 am Julie Mesa: “A Woman’s Full Participation in Ministry”
9:30 am Allen Davis: “The Impact of Culture and the Desire for Unity”
11:15 am Daniel Mesa: “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth”
2:00 pm Jennifer Arruda: “We the People, Must Speak”
3:00 pm Allen Davis: “Gift Versus Appointment”
4:15 pm Laurel Damsteegt: “The Forgotten Story of 1989”
6:45 pm Larry Kirkpatrick: “Dangers on the Horizon” (Hermeneutics impact on future outcomes)
Location: Bakersfield Hillcrest SDA Church, 2600 Kenwood Rd. Bakersfield CA. RSVP 661-871-5000 or, visit: (A fellowship lunch will be provided) Live stream links for the event: and

2 replies on “Women's Ordination Symposium, Bakersfield Hillcrest SDA, CA”

I am so happy that the will of God has prevailed, we prayed for the leading of the Holy Spirit and surely he led Gods people to the truth. The difference was so big so no one would remain with a doubt as to what He willed.
Now we need to pray for unity because divided we fall. Let’s come together and be of one accord so that we may receive the latter rain.
Praise be to God.

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