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Historic UMC Reorganization Pending Over LGBT Hermeneutics

In a little more than eight months the United Methodist Church will hold a Special General Conference Session to consider plans to divide into separate churches. This historic meeting has been triggered by the adoption of LGBT favoring hermeneutics similar to the NAD’s Principle-Based, Historical-Cultural (PBHC) approach to biblical interpretation. In several respects, the Methodist issues are remarkably similar to our own. While the Methodist split looks unstoppable, Adventists can still avoid a similar outcome. This extremely instructive presentation by UMC minister Thomas Lambrecht is offered here for insights Adventists might glean in order that we might “press together!” First 35 minutes is Lambrecht talk, last ten Q&A answered by Lambrecht.

2 replies on “Historic UMC Reorganization Pending Over LGBT Hermeneutics”

The leaders in our SDA church are a reflection of the inept political agenda in our civil government. Our church leaders are becoming more and more worthless to defend the truth and the cause of God.
They fear man more than the God of heaven. So they play political games with more and more “meetings” that have no value but are passed off as the proper way to deal with spiritual problems.
I think they hope if they ignore the problems long enough, they will just go away. But the longer they lets the problems fester, the more difficult it is becoming to ever deal with them to find the right solution based on action to solve the problems they want to ignore.
They let Pluralism become the doctrine of the SDA church, and now they have no basis for discipline. God will solve the problem in His good time, but it won’t be a happy eventuality when this takes place. Woe to those spiritual leaders who abandon their responsible obligation for the sake of ease and comfort to maintain the statis quo.

It is my prayer, that the Seventh-Day Adventist Bretheren will come together in the Spirit of “JESUS CHRIST” and not this “Fake” Lamb Like Spirit that have come into our Mist in “Disguise” and REBUKE” Satan in the name of “JESUS CHRIST”!
I have purpose in my heart that I AM NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!
I pray, and I know; that I’m not alone… We Can; Defeat this Spirit…Together!!!! Let’s follow all of our instructions written:
I Believe, “GOD” is with us. But if we keep silent, then we will be getting exactly what deserve. Help Us Lord; In The Name Of “JESUS CHRIST”!

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