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Pope's new Sunday-keeping appeal

Doug Batchelor, senior pastor of the Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church in Rocklin, California, and president of Amazing Facts, offers this important newsflash on the current the Pope of Rome and his promotion of Sunday in place of God’s true Seventh day Sabbath.

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Likewise to all Jesuits the meaning of the word “conscience” is unknown to him, so you actually can never be sure of what he is against.

I agree, but one thing I do know that he hates is the biblical beliefs of the SDA church and all those who adhere to it.
God bless Pastor Batchelor for his courage to stand firm for the truths of God our Creator, Saviour and King who has promised us eternal life with Him.
Fortunately, He is not alone, there are others but they are few.
We also should be actively pursuing our Father’s business in this spiritual war with eternal consequences, just as the Pope is showing his commitment at the war-front for his master (Satan).
We should echo our Lord Jesus Christ when as a 12 year old child He said to His parents who had ‘lost Him in Jerusalem’, “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” Luke 2:49.

Even though there are few of them, they have to unite and organize fellowship communities (not the churches), from which they could preach and spread the messages.
I see no other way (but..who am I anyway? oh, well..).
Otherwise they will be either eaten or silenced.
They can stay in the official Church, but oppressions already been opened, and if they want to serve God as messengers they need to have financial independence.
The gc-committee becomes unable to cut off the governmental control without total bankruptcy and three Angel’s message contradicts to the course of this world. So there certainly will be oppression and obstacles to the message from the high level clerks.
And the sooner pastors comprehend this fact the better.

Doug how alarming is the Popes reference to Sunday observance for rest and worship? What day do the majority of ” Christians in the United States of America attend church on?
Paul Blanke

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