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Submit to One Another

Professor Edwin E. Reynolds investigates the biblical concept of ordered authority. He also considers what the Bible says and does not say about mutual submission. Some have argued from Ephesians 5:21 that husbands and wives are to practice a mutual submission, or even that there are no significant role distinctions between male and female in Christ. Understandably, the current debate over male and female roles, gender, human sexuality, and women’s ordination will benefit from a better understanding of how submission works in God’s plan. Reynolds is Professor of New Testament and Biblical Languages at Southern Adventist University. He is also the Graduate Program Coordinator for the School of Religion. He also coauthored the women’s ordination-opposing Minority Report of the North American Division.

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Just a question, maybe unrelated: Are there any incidents anywhere in the Bible where whole families were condemned to die because of the sins of a mother? I find many times where the father/husbands’ sins cast judgment on the entire families and all were put to death. I guess this would in a larger sense include Adam’s sin, correct?

This guy needs to have his credentials revoked. He is not a valid voice in this discussion. This position is untenable, illogical, and downright evil, but what is different about anything on this site.

Untenable compared to what standard? He persuasively, I dare say conclusively, substantiated his case Biblically. By your own comment, I am afraid that I must conclude that your position is untenable in the light of the Bible.

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