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Peters–Response to Rodriguez on headship: the Trinity and Genesis 1-3

John W. Peters is a pastor in the Pennsylvania Conference. As part of the Theology of Ordination Stdy Committee he has been among the presenters in the TOSC meetings. Some of his materials were critiqued by Angel Rodriguez in his 76 p. anaylsis of the [pro-biblical qualifications arguments (arguments opposing women’s ordination). In the paper now made available on, Peters responds to Rodriguez’ particular critique of Peters. READ IT HERE.

One reply on “Peters–Response to Rodriguez on headship: the Trinity and Genesis 1-3”

I shared the article by John Peters responding to Angel Rodriguez’s article on WO with a retired pastor friend.
First, John Peters has written an excellent article that I wish could be placed in the hands of every church member, but I do not think it would have much influence.
This is what my retired pastor friend wrote to me in response to the article:
“… I think scholars will be hopeless divided forever on this issue. Both sides see support for their views from Scripture and history. Who would have thought this issue could create an impassable division? Is it possible for our church leaders to unite us on this issue? At present there is no church leader that has the authority to move us forward as did the early Sabbath Conferences at the start of the Advent movement. Unless a greater good or love can unite our church, it appears to me that we are doomed to divide into sides of pro-ordination of women VS male headship and acceptance or rejection of homosexual marriage.
“If I were to guess, liberals will win the greater battle. They already have redefined Sabbath keeping, divorce and jewelry issues. Now one can be a member in good standing while divorced on a non-adultery charge, work on Sabbath as a fireman or one in charge of keeping the corporate servers in operation and a hundred others secular jobs that operate 24-7.
“Right now we are not in a strong forward momentum with the close of the R&H, and with an aging tithe supporting membership. Hopefully God will raise up new leaders.”
I think my friend has made some insightful observations.
I was thinking this week of some Ellen White statements such as “scarcely 1 in 20…” will be saved. I have been asking myself the question all week, has the spiritual condition of the church changed enough over the years so that now Ellen could write, “Scarcely 1 in 20 will be lost?” I think not. So if the percentage of “saved” members is around 5- 10% than these important issues are being decided by a majority who are spiritually lost.
Just my thoughts at the moment,
Doug Carlson, retired SDA Pastor

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