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UMC 2012 GC Session: Division over homosexuality and aftermath

In May 2012, delegates of the United Methodist Church gathered for their General Conference Session in Tampa, Florida. A key item in the meeting was the question of whether or not to retain language in their Book of Discipline (their Church Manual) stating that homosexual practice is sin. When the main attempt to remove this language failed to pass final committee, the pro-homosexuality group turned to plan B, a compromise position. On that, the vote was… Well, you’ll know the answer if you watch this short video. The Methodist Church in General Conference voted to ordain women as pastors in 1956. Theology has consequences, and what paves the way for one practice also paves the way for future changes when cultural trends are ripe.

Distinct roles Equality

Equal in rank, distinct in their roles


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Is Women's Ordination culturally rather than biblically driven?

Pastor Larry Kirkpatrick takes a look at findings prepared by Robert Yarbrough and makes a “surprise” discovery: theological studies supporting Womens’ Ordination published in Theological Journals suddenly change direction in 1969. Who would have imagined that? FIND IT HERE.

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That the Word of God Be Not Blasphemed

Diane Kobor shares a serious study of the kinds of evangelistic work outlined as ideal for women—and takes exception to mistaken ideas about women in ministry! FIND IT HERE.

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TOSC papers posted

The papers which have so far been presented at the General Conference’s Theology of Ordination Study Committee have been posted online now for all to read. Here are the links: