1 Corinthians 1 Timothy Doctrine of the Church Ellen G. White Headship John Witcombe

Gender Confusion

John Witcombe looks again at the role of male headship in church and home. Failure to follow a biblical order leads to gender confusion. FIND IT HERE.

Attitude Ellen G. White Gerita Liebelt Mothers

A Mother's Day Sermon by Paul

Gerita Liebelt has found a special sermon from the apostle Paul. FIND IT HERE.

Doctrine of Unity Octavian Poenaru Romania Unity

The Story

Octavian Poenaru was a pastor in Romania under the communist regime. In this short piece he shares his experience and the impact even a single congregation and its unity can have on one’s youthful experience. The lesson is timely. FIND IT HERE.

Church Manual General Conference Gleaner Lee Roy Holmes North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) Unity

Whose Vote Shall We Go By?

New item here by Lee Roy Holmes. What do we do when what we want may conflict with how the larger church is led to follow its Lord? FIND IT HERE.

1 Timothy cousin-equality Ellen G. White Headship Insubordination John Witcombe Korah Leona G. Running Numbers Ted N.C. Wilson Unity Utrecht General Conference Session 1995

None Dare Call it Rebellion

John Witcombe considers the plea for cousin-equality! Find it here.

Darius Jankiewicz Lonny Liebelt Ministry magazine Phoebe Romans

What About Phoebe?

Lonny Liebelt read the recent article, and considers it in “What About Phoebe? Thinking about Darius Jankiewicz,
“Phoebe: Was she an early church leader?” (Ministry, April 2013, pp. 10-14). Find it here.