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Adventist Women on Ordination FULL (pts. 1-7)

The following seven links contain the FULL LENGTH presentation of Adventist women on women’s ordination.
Part 1: Culture versus the Bible (Length 8:33):

Part 2: Terms and Conditions (Length 6:06):

Part 3: Women’s Roles (Length 5:59):

Part 4: Effects of the Women’s Rights Movement (Length 8:02):

Part 5: Cooperation versus Competition (Length 3:41):

Part 6: Unity is in Truth (Length 5:04):

Part 7: God’s Word Our Standard (Length 5:55):

Androcentric Atonement Betty Frieden Biblical Interpretation Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elizabeth Shussler-Fiorenza Experience Feminist Theology Hermeneutic of Suspicion Historical-Critical Method Larry Kirkpatrick Mainstream Feminist Theology Neo-Protestant Rosemary Radford Ruether Second Wave Feminist Theology Simone de Beauvoir

Foundations of Women's Ordination, part 4: Second Wave Feminist Theology

Larry Kirkpatrick continues his series, this time coming to some core concerns. This article outlines what might be called Mainstream Feminist Theology, and looks particularly at the theology of Rosemary Radford Ruether and Elizabeth Shussler-Fiorenza. It is important to note that the theology outlined in this article forms the core of Feminist Theology; virtually all contemporary theological influence in this vein truly begins here. If you read only one article in the series, read this one. FIND IT HERE.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Feminist Theology Genesis Historical-Critical Method Larry Kirkpatrick Seneca Falls

Foundations of Women's Ordination, part 2: First Wave Feminist Theology

Part two of Pastor Kirkpatrick’s series tells us about first wave Feminist Theology. FIND IT HERE.